Cardiff has dropped in the league table but are still the best Uni in Wales

Oh well, at least we beat Swansea

Alas, Cardiff uni have fallen by four places in the Complete University Guide 2021 league table, now placing at 30th  which is a very satisfying number for the TV volume, but not so great for a uni position. Of the Russel Group universities, only two now sit below Cardiff.

We are still the top university in Wales though, with Swansea just two places behind at 32nd, Cardiff Met trailing behind at 87th, and USW far in the distance at 102nd.

The university saw some highlights, being 5th for research quality, just behind Cambridge at 4th. Cardiff also placed 26th for entry standards, beating both Nottingham and Lancaster, and 29th for staff to student ratios.

But it saw some troughs too, with the uni ranking 100th for student satisfaction (yikes), 54th for facilities spend, and 64th for academic services spend.

Now, close your eyes third years, the uni ranked 28th in graduate prospects, 33rd in good honours, and only 27th in degree completion.

Cardiff Uni had thirteen subjects in the top ten, including Occupational Therapy (1st), Celtic Dtudies (2nd), and Nursing which moved a whopping nine places up to 3rd.

Some of the other subjects that made into in the top ten are Physiotherapy (3rd), Medical Technology ( 4th), Dentistry (5th),  and Optometry, Ophthalmology & Orthoptics (3rd).

A fall from 26th to 30th isn’t ideal. However, Cardiff scored 74% overall which, in perspective, is pretty great.

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