Missing nights out in Cardiff? Here are some of the last pics taken before lockdown.

Don’t mind us, we’re just crying into our quarantini x

Remember nights out before lockdown? Pulling a stranger in the Pryzm smoking area just for a cig, cheesy chips and gravy at 3am, post-night out chats with your housemates discussing questionable antics? Yeah, we’re sad too dw.

So we decided to ask some of you to send us your last pics in Cardiff before we all had to return home to the rules of mum and dad.

“Last Friday Fix before lockdown”

Oh to be in Pryzm one more time.

“Baby social with IMG netball”

Legit, I’d even wear a onesie if it meant I could swim through the pile of VKs in YOLO again.

Rugby with the gals

A G&T is absolutely essential.

Drinking as many VKs as you can hold

Never mind ‘where’s Wally?’, where’s my social life???

A Heineken bottle and Dispy walked into a bar

…the rest is history obvs.

Cheeky Chips

Honestly, she is my spirit animal 100%.

Chasing down that photographer

Raise your glasses if you’re still getting drunk during lockdown.

Spin to win

The only thing I want to be catching is burgers during quids in.

Whilst we reminisce over these last pics in Cardiff, I for one will be counting down the days before I’m dancing away with a VK and my best pals.

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