Man seen spitting at residents in Cathays

The incident occurred around midday yesterday

There has been a report of a man in the Cathays area spitting at a passerby despite the dangers of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. Witnesses claim that the man has approached people asking to use their mobile phones, before spitting at them.

The man has been described as a white teenager who was dressed in black and had a Welsh accent.

A witness recalled the moment that the man confronted her boyfriend outside her home. She told The Cardiff Tab: “He asked my boyfriend to use his phone” but said that his phone “wasn’t working” due to issues with the network.

She added that the man, upon being told by her boyfriend that the phone wasn’t working, “insulted him and spat on him”.

A post was published to the Facebook group, Overheard at Cardiff University, warning others of the incident where an individual within the comments claimed that the man has approached her too with similar requests.

The Tab Cardiff have been told by a witness that SWP (South Wales Police) have yet to be contacted.

The identity of the man is currently unknown.

If you are concerned about coronavirus, you can find more help and guidance here. 

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