Meet the students staying in Cardiff during lockdown

Thank god for flatmates and Disney Plus, right?

Uni ended way too soon this year and left us missing the many perks of student life. Some went home to be with their families, but others chose to stay, whether by choice or not. From the couples isolating together, to the ones who miss the ASSL more than life, let’s meet the students who stayed in Cardiff for lockdown…

The ones who took ‘Saturdays are for the girls’ all too literally

Libby is a final year occupational therapy student. She decided to stay as all her housemates were staying, and thought she would be more productive in Cardiff than back at home. She’s having loads of fun with her mates, doing all the things they wouldn’t have been able to if lectures and other uni commitments were still running, imagine that.

“We’re having quiz nights, lots of baking, turned the lounge into a make shift live lounge so we can have house parties with the 5 of us, we’ve been chatting a lot to neighbours over the fence. We also had a birthday party for one of the girls”

Libby says that the thing she misses most is bumping into friends. After the lockdown ends, she’s heading straight to the Woody.

The ones who miss the ASSL more than Livey

While some of us are binge-watching Netflix, others are working like never before.

Paige, an International Public Relations postgrad, moved in with her boyfriend and his flatmate before the lockdown was announced because all her housemates had left.

As part of her course, she is managing a PR campaign for Cardiff based company. The campaign she is currently working on is aimed at teenagers during the lockdown with advice on how to stay safe online, staying safe in a relationship, and managing mental health. Fair play Paige, I wish I was that productive right now.

As well as working from home, History undergrads, Olivia and Bethany, miss revising in the JP Cafe so much that they’ve resorted to a virtual alternative. They now work on their Diss’ together through Skype, a somewhat retro version of Zoom shall we say. Olivia told The Tab Cardiff, “It keeps us motivated, however the hot chocolate and snack selection isn’t up to scratch if you ask me”.

The ones who made the best of a bad situation

Stefano, Political Communication postgrad, decided to spend isolation with his flatmates because he didn’t want to risk catching the virus on the plane and taking it home to family. Stefano is making good choices here, so everyone take note/

Stefano and two of his flatmates used the lockdown to start a Youtube channel, discussing all things politics and current affairs. It’s not like we’re lacking in political content at the moment, so why not? If there ever was a time to find a now hobby, it’s now. I can’t say that’s worked for the rest of us, I shall cling to Netflix and my duvet for as long as humanly possible.

“We’ve watched every episode of Gavin and Stacey at least twice and that’s whats been occuring, if truth be told” – honestly what a vibe.

Stefano told The Cardiff Tab: “Since the very start of the quarantine we realised that the best way to get through all of this is to support each other and make the most of our time at home. This motivated us to start a YouTube channel, called Panopticon, where we discuss and analyse current political issues”.

The couples who decided to isolate together

Sid and Lu, both International Business students, who, by chance or destiny, live in the same flat, decided to spend their lockdown together in Taly South. After six weeks of lockdown, they say their relationship is stronger than ever.

Must be nice to have someone to make TikToks with

Sid said that “It was very hard to live with her from the beginning as we were exposed to a completely different background, but when we decided to stay together for this isolation period, things got exciting. We found so many connections in our daily lifestyles”. Wish I could relate.

Imagine having an actual chat with someone who isn’t your parents, instead of relying on Zoom. However, I can’t say I’m jealous of those inevitable arguments over Xbox and what’s for tea.

Those that have stayed in Cardiff are finding plenty of ways to keep entertained. Through quizzes, Youtube channels, and jobs that help make a difference. These students really know how to make the best of a bad situation. Let’s be honest, Cardiff is the best place in the world, so why not stay?

If you are concerned about Coronavirus, you can find more help and guidance here.

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