It’s official: Live Lounge is Cardiff’s best club and here’s why

We loved hearing your stories behind why this club is your absolute fave

The votes are in and have been counted. From Pryzm to Live Lounge to Clwb Ifor Bach, we had it all.

But one club stood out above all the others… and your winner is Live Lounge!

It has the cheapest drinks, with class music and a general all round good atmosphere. This club is the place to be and clearly is considering 22 votes out of 60 were for Live Lounge.

But what really happens at Livey’s to make it so good?

Well, you lot did not hold back so here are some 0f our faves…

“Those £1 tequilas hit differently. Also you probably haven’t lived if you haven’t been kicked out or threatened to be kicked out.”

“I was so drunk once, I fell over the barriers in the smoking area and they fell onto a bouncer. He genuinely thought someone had tripped me up, since I’m so good at acting sober that he let me stay for the rest of the night.”

“Doing a shot at upstairs bar but then being discreetly sick next to the bar then running downstairs to avoid getting thrown out.”

“Throwing up before 11 and having to lie to Elizabeth the toilet lady saying you just gagged so you don’t get kicked out.”

“My first time I was there, I saw a girl drink her own sick and I had to leave immediately.”

“Me and my mate normally use the little box on the stage to sit on and scout out fit people.”

And, our personal favourite:

“Getting so drunk I had to be taken back to someone else’s accommodation and on the way there trying to order McDonald’s whilst sat on the floor with the machine set to German.”

So there we have it! Live Lounge is the ultimate club in Cardiff, with the funniest and downright disgusting stories to prove it.

*Although not based on Live Lounge, we had to include this story because it is too good to be true; “Found out the boy I was talking to and the boy I was shagging were best mates by bumping into both of them together in the rugby corner.” (Y PLAS)