Cardiff Uni charge Taly North student for rent twice despite vacating premises

“It’s been tough on us students”

A Cardiff University student has had rent money taken from her bank account twice, despite being released her from the Residences Agreement. The student had been staying at Talybont North, but went home in March because of the current global pandemic. In an email from the residence team, she was told “you won’t need to pay the third instalment of your residences fees”.

The university accommodation offered to refund the initial amount, saying it could take up to six weeks. However, since then, the student has claimed that residences have taken a further payment, equating to over £1100 missing from her account, which she “didn’t think would happen” due to them saying  she didn’t have to pay anymore.

Residence noted their mistake in an email to the student, saying again the money would be refunded but could take up to three weeks. The student told The Cardiff Tab: “They haven’t kept me updated about it and I am yet to receive that refund”.

In a further comment, the student said: “Being a nursing student it’s hard enough with the pressures of my course, especially financially as students in general don’t get much money to live off of, especially after rent has been deducted. It’s been tough on us students”.

In response to this situation a Cardiff University spokesperson told The Cardiff Tab, “We recognise that this has been an extremely difficult time for all our students.”

They added, “In recognition of the impact of Covid-19 and to help minimise the financial impact, the University took the decision to release those students leaving accommodation from their contract.”

“Anyone who left before the end of the Easter break was not charged their third, final instalment of residences fees.”

The University spokesperson continued, “whilst we cannot comment on individual cases, a small number of students pay their residences fees on a monthly basis by standing order and therefore their bank has automatically paid their monthly instalment”

The comment concluded by saying that affected students should “cancel their standing order” and that those who have been wrongly charged “will be refunded as quickly as we can”.

The student later informed The Cardiff Tab that she has since received her refund.

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