What really is Cardiff’s best club? It’s time for you to decide

Let’s settle this debate once and for all

As we all know, Cardiff is a student-filled city full of clubs and pubs and everything in between. Everyday of the week, there is something for all types of partiers.

Revs on a Tuesday or Livey’s on a Friday (thank you free entry before 12) or even Story on a Saturday; Cardiff has it all. But what we want to know is; what is Cardiff’s God-tier club?

“It’s Livey’s”

“No, obviously it’s Pryzm”

“Hang on, you’re all wrong; Tiger Tiger for the win”

We want to settle this age-long debate forever and see what you really think is the best.

Are the drinks on par with your ever lowering student budget? Or is the music so good that you constantly feel like you’re in a Drake video mixed with dancing even Beyonce would approve of?

Any stories, be it embarrassing/cheesy/funny/or downright outrageous, we want to know.

So, if you want to see your club be crowned “Cardiff’s best club” then fill out the form below!: