Your diss has definitely become your baby and you can’t deny it

It’s a labour of love

Getting started really feels like the hardest part

Deciding what to do it on really does feel like a never-ending decision. Then comes the presentation which makes you question: is this even what you really want? Have you made the right decision? Should you have just gone with the easier option and not have even done a diss? Everyone you speak to offers different advice. So many questions and so few answers. And this is just the beginning.

Wish we looked this happy writing our diss’

You prepare it for months and months

Months of research, planning and prepping to make sure everything is perfect. You really dedicate all of your time and energy for almost a year to this one piece of work and start to grow an emotional attachment to it. Is that weird?

You feel like you’ve finally reached the end but really it’s just the beginning

Finally, you metaphorically give birth to the idea that is your diss baby and everything feels right in the world. Little do you know how long editing and redrafting is going to take. What a fool.

Taking advice from others on it is annoying and inconvenient

There’s nothing better than when you’ve been a lone ranger on this diss mission for about four months, and a few weeks before your deadline someone suggests changing something. Thanks Karen but considering the fact it took me about three weeks to think of that sentence, I’m gonna leave it. Cheers though.

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What our desks will look like for the forseeable future

The constant scare that you’ve done something wrong or you’re going to lose it

Constantly looking back wondering if you made the right decision, saving it three times to three different platforms to ensure it’s safe, and questioning your every move. Did you choose the right topic? Should you have taken the advice your tutor gave you months ago? Who knows?

The fact you’re just left to your own devices really feels like shit co-parenting

Your diss tutor hasn’t replied in two months as they’ve abandoned you to go on a research project on the other side of the world? Sounds familiar and you should defo get used to it.

Snoozefest if you ask me

When it’s finally finished you post pics of it on every platform

When it’s finished everyone and their nans better prepare themselves for the social media spam they’ve got coming their way. Insta, Facebook, Twitter and Snap will all know you’ve finally finished your diss whether they like it or not. Just like new mums parading their baby pics to the world, get ready to see 1000 pics of us (virtually) handing our dissertations in with poses, boomerangs and VSCO filters.

Snapchat saw it first

You don’t trust turnitin with your prized possession

You finally press submit on your diss baby and it’s released into the world. It’s out of your hands now and into the control of the markers. Who knows what they’ll think of it but you’ve put your heart and soul into making it and you know it’ll do you proud.

The rona makes it ten times harder

Everything becomes an inconvenience and you’re forced to be ten times more careful than before. You’re left to your own devices in a scenario no one could have prepared for or seen coming. Get ready to sanitise your keyboard every 10 mins. Can’t be too careful.


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