First and second year ENCAP students told no-detriment policy will not apply

The news has left many Cardiff students feeling worried

In an email sent to first and second year students, the School of English, Communications and Philosophy has stated that they will not be giving the students an average mark but will instead rely on “scaling”, uncapped reassessment, and revised extenuating circumstances.

Cardiff University revealed the details of the no-detriment policy last week, with ENCAP further clarifying what exactly will be done for those within the school who are not in their final year.

In the email, Head of School Martin Willis says that this decision has been made in order to maintain the ‘upward curve’ of progression typically seen between first year and third year. He describes scaling as a “more robust and flexible” way to support students.

The email ends by stating that the Safety Net will be revised as students progress in their degree to ensure there is no ongoing disadvantage.

Due to disruptions from both industrial action and the Coronavirus pandemic, many first and second year ENCAP students have expressed their concern over the choice to continue with assessments without a safety net.

Amy, who is a second year English student, told The Cardiff Tab: “We’ve had so much disruption this semester and ENCAP just aren’t doing enough to compensate for that. Personally I’ve only had 3 weeks of face to face teaching since Christmas, how am I supposed to write a decent essay with that??”

Ellie, another second year in ENCAP commented: “Second year marks are important, and this decision could have a lasting effect on my degree! This has been a difficult time for my family, and I’m sure for many others, and I’m just really disappointed that the uni has decided it won’t be supporting us”.

Another issue raised was regarding Joint Honours students, who may have different policies between academic schools. Philosophy student Elan told The Cardiff Tab: “We keep getting so many mixed signals and especially with joint honours in different schools we’re just confused about what’s happening”.

If you are concerned about Coronavirus, you can find more help and guidance here.

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