Rugby team self isolating after JUICE pres at potentially contaminated house

It came to light Sunday evening

A Cardiff University course rugby team are self-isolating after they had pres in a house in which a housemate was self-isolating from a COVID-19 positive visitor.

A member of the team told The Cardiff Tab that a coronavirus positive student had been to the house and did not interact with the team directly, but interacted with the other housemates prior to pres.

The player, who wishes to remain anonymous, said “we were informed on Sunday evening” and they sent a message to “captains’ group and anyone [they] remember being with in the SU”. They went on to say that the course rugby “had no idea when the original person was tested” or that they had even been at the house before pres.

A housemate from the pres house told the anonymous player in a text on Sunday evening: “Our house has been advised by the doctor to self-isolate, we were also told this extends to people who were here yesterday. All the surfaces were wiped down beforehand but things like doorknobs weren’t. I’m really sorry about this, obviously had no idea about this… it might be nothing, he’s not shown symptoms yet but this is what we’ve been told to do”.

In an effort to find out more, the team have sought advice from NHS 111 and are being tested for the virus and were told to “self-isolate as a precaution for one week”.

The Cardiff Tab asked the player if people at JUICE may need to self-isolate, to which they said “NHS 111 said that there should be enough of a disconnect for them and no need to worry. Only the people at the house for pres need to self-isolate and obviously the people that live there”. They went on to say “we would never have done this on purpose” and expressed how the team were in the dark about the situation.

The Students’ Union has responded to the matter and said: “There has been speculation about attendees of Juice on Saturday coming into contact with a suspected case of Covid-19, an investigation was conducted with members from the Chemistry society intramural rugby team to understand the situation. This investigation has been able to confirm that the individual who was in contact with a suspected Covid-19 case, did not attend a party with the team members nor did they attend Juice.

“Members of the team are not being tested and are not showing symptoms, however, public health advice states that if people are unsure, self-isolation should take place as a precaution, hence members are doing so.

“We recognise the level of anxiety around this matter, if you are concerned about the virus, there are a number of steps individuals can take including avoiding events and ensuring high levels of personal hygiene.

We are working closely with the University to review all our activities in line with official guidance from public bodies, this is a changing situation which we are monitoring closely.'”

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