Cardiff Uni student was almost kicked out of Live Lounge for speaking Welsh

The girls involved are extremely upset by the incident

On Tuesday night a Cardiff University student and her friend on a night out in Live Lounge were told security would be called, after they had a conversation in Welsh in the girls’ toilets.

Lowri Hughes and her friend from home were having a conversation in the toilet cubicle when the ladies’ toilet attendant asked them to stop and banged the doors of the cubicles until they came out.

The girls were both speaking in Welsh, which is their first language. The woman had told them they needed to come out as she believed they were drunk, though many other girls were in the toilets having conversations, so the girls think they were targeted because they spoke Welsh.

The girls had been threatened by the attendant, saying she would call security.

Lowri told The Cardiff Tab: “We were very upset, mostly because of where this happened. In the capital of Wales we were made to feel like we couldn’t speak Welsh.”

Live Lounge told the Cardiff Tab:

“We will be conducting a thorough investigation of the circumstances of the allegation. We would like to confirm that Live Lounge welcomes people from all nationalities and has no issue with visitors or staff speaking in their native language. Further, we are a very proud Welsh venue with a number of our staff (including senior staff) that speak Welsh as their first language.

“Therefore the allegation (if true) goes against everything the Live Lounge stands for. As stated we will conduct a full investigation into the allegation and take any necessary steps following the conclusion thereof.”

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