A group of freshers made a slip and slide in Taly and here’s how it went down

RIP to their deposits

What do you get when you put together a group of unruly freshers, a giant rubber duck, and some fairy liquid? A giant slip and slide, obvs.

This is exactly what happened for a birthday in Taly last month where some innovative freshers taped up some plastic wrap to the walls and let lose with water and fairy liquid.

For footage of the slip and slide in action, head to The Cardiff Tab Instagram page.

They used a giant rubber duck for safety precautions to break the fall during their crazy pres and admitted to having over two hours of fun on the slide, a very unique birthday pre-drink if you ask us.

Via Instagram

One of the Cardiff students who was part of the slide experiment, told The Cardiff Tab: “It was actually my flatmates who did everything for it, it was for [one of our] flatmate’s birthday.”

What about the inevitable clean up – aka every lazy student’s nightmare? “There wasn’t actually a whole lot of mess besides some champagne on the ceiling and some fairy liquid on the walls – just some towels now unusable.”

Via Instagram

And how about the formidable Taly security? “No staff found out as we cleaned it right after. We probably used it for about two hours just for pres, but that was the second time we used it after a test run. Safety precautions were taken as we used a giant inflatable rubber duck to go down it, although most people did end up with a nice bruise or two.”

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