Everything a Cardiff Uni student needs to buy for isolation

Toilet roll not included

After the first confirmed Coronavirus case in Cardiff, us uni students might be having to self-isolate pretty soon. So to help you prepare, we’ve put together the complete list of only essentials to help us get by.

Orange VKs

Being a student at Cardiff means orange VKs more or less run through our veins so we had to put this at the very top of the list. There’ll be no more 4 for £10 at YOLO when we’re carrying out all of the necessary precautions to keep ourselves safe. So, if we can’t go to the SU then we’ll just have to bring the SU to us.

We will miss you YOLO

The whole of the Lidl Bakery

Pretzels, pizzas or paninis, grab as much as you can. The Lidl Bakery sells out on an average day let alone when the whole of Cardiff is running low on carbs.

Love you Lidl cookies </3

Woody Chicken Wings

Maybe the most nutritional on the list so defo get your hands on these. Preferably on Wing Wednesday, just cause we’re self-isolating doesn’t mean we’re not still skint.

Have you ever seen a prettier sight?

Dark Fruits

The only fruit you need which definitely counts as one of your five a day, right? Strongbow Dark Fruits is a student essential and will most definitely be the first to sell out in Lidl so get them while you can. What else are going to drink while watching the Six Nations in the comfort of your home.

Fam Fish Curry Sauce and Chips

Where do we begin? Is there anything more wholesome than this fine Cardiffian delicacy? Mowgli’s eat your heart out the only curry sauce we need comes in a polystyrene tray and is eaten at 3AM on Salisbury Road. Therefore, Fam Fish curry sauce and chips has earned it’s place as one of the essentials you need to survive self-isolation.

Coffee, Coffee and more Coffee

You may think that with the world gradually decending into chaos your deadlines will be extended or maybe even cancelled? Nope, you’ll still be pulling all-nighters to get those bad boys submitted so don’t get too excited.

We recognise this is a serious issue and wanted to put a lighthearted spin on it. If you do have any symptomns be sure to call 111. Be safe out there kids.

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