Cardiff students return for second protest outside meeting in the Main Building

‘After previous action our concerns were once again ignored’

A group of students who say they are “representing the interest of the wider student body” protested within the Main Building at Cardiff University this morning.

The students, who have already protested once this week, stood outside of a redundancy meeting with banners and leaflets awaiting the arrival of the Vice Chancellor in order to give him their list of demands.

The group decided to escalate their action since the first protest on Tuesday morning because they feel that “the student body has been ignored” and “the student emails to the Vice Chancellor were not responded to”.

A spokesperson for the group they were there to “support as oppose to disrupt the staff members who are directly affected by the marketisation of higher education”.

They emphasised their wish to be “supportive to staff” adding that “as our education providers, as our mentors, and as our friends, this is one thing that’s incredibly important to students”.

Leaflets were placed within the room before the staff entered, as well as handed out to those walking past. There was a mixed reception from passers-by with many both taking and ignoring the leaflets. Within this time, the students were approached by the Deputy Vice Chancellor who told the group “we are listening” and discussed arranging a conversation.

Several members of security passed back and forth through the group, but the Vice Chancellor did not appear. The student protesters then made their way to his office where they attached their demands to his door.

The student protesters say they are “sending a message to the Vice Chancellor that he needs to take action”.

A full video of the demands being put up is available on The Tab Cardiff’s insta story.