BREAKING: Tiger Tiger is closing down for good


Tiger Tiger in Cardiff will be closing its doors for good after being open for over 15 years. The club announced their closure early this morning, noting it has been “an incredible 15+ years for the venue as we have watched Cardiff grow into a beautiful, diverse capital city.”

“To all the staff, DJ’s and customers that have visited us over the years we thank you for being part of our journey, but all good (& bad) things must come to an end.”

Many of us at Cardiff University have most likely been in the club once or twice, and definitely ventured there during freshers. Tiger Tiger is now amongst clubs that have closed in Cardiff like Buffalo, which closed last year, but has now been replaced by WOW.

The club will be hosting its farewell party on Saturday the 14th of March when Wales play Scotland, “we hope you will all join us to celebrate for the final time.”

It has yet to be confirmed what will replace Tiger Tiger Cardiff, though the venue has been sold to The Shoreditch Bar Group.

Many people will miss the venue greatly, but the venue has stressed that their will be a future for the site, though the venue has been sold, what will be replacing it has not be confirmed by The Shoreditch Bar Group.

Feature Credit Image – Tiger Tiger Cardiff

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