These are the best Cardiff student Tiktokers, Instagrammers and YouTubers right now

Because we all dream of dropping out of uni to become Tiktok famous

Believe it or not, but on your way to lectures, you could be walking behind a famous Tiktoker. Or the girl opposite you in seminars could be a famous YouTuber with more followers than you have friends.

It’s a curiosity we all share, ‘who is behind the most famous social media profiles in Cardiff?’ Well, The Cardiff Tab did some digging and we’re bringing you the most famous student TikTokers, YouTubers, Instagrammers in Cardiff right now.



Ana is a third-year Cardiff student who has gained over 4,000 followers on TikTok and over one million on some videos as she films student nights out in Cardiff.

Ana’s TikTok (and Instagram which has gained over 7,000 followers) gives students who aren’t quite lucky enough to be a cheerleader, a fun insight into cheer socials and competitions!


You may recognise this Cardiff uni student from her TikTok that smashed 73K as she used the ‘this is my voice’ trend to mock English students at Cardiff University and let’s be honest… she really wasn’t wrong.


Isabel Meacham

Isabel is a first-year English Literature Student whose lifestyle vlogs have gained her 47.5K subscribers, which is insane!

Isabel has grown her channel over the last 5 years, uploading book hauls, lookbooks and daily vlogs.



This USW student is a singer-songwriter smashing it on Youtube, Instagram and even uploading daily on Tiktok!

Sam uploads original songs and covers, gaining 3.6K on Youtube and 2.3K on Tiktok. The musician has even released several EP’s on Spotify and Apple Music which are definitely worth the listen!

Deer In The Crowd

Hannah is a second-year Biomed Student who vlogs her day-to-day life as a student at Cardiff University.

Hannah has made videos on her channel about everything student-related, from a Taly North Room Tour, to advice on long distant relationships whilst at Uni.



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Anyone else literally sick of the weather now??? It’s been so stormy for so long😩⁣ ⁣ This morning my train was delayed as some areas of Wales are really flooded! I had to sit at the station for 25 mins, and when I was coming home from uni it was delayed for 30 mins😳 I feel like all I’ve done is wait around today😂⁣ ⁣ I’ve been really productive though. I’ve taken a lot of pics for this account, written a few sheets of notes, worked on some blog posts and now I’m cooking a Katsu Curry for dinner!⁣ ⁣ QOTD: what’s your favourite food? ⁣ Mine is literally any type of curry or a pancake😍⁣ ⁣ #studying #undergraduate #biomed #biology #undergrad #studygram #studyinspiration #studyblr #studyblogger #notetaking #notes #revising

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Have you ever seen anything more satisfying?

Zoe’s beautiful notes have gained her a 55.5K following on Instagram, where she blogs her way through student life.

The second-year Biomedical student says she first began blogging to motivate herself after A-Levels. Zoe uses positive feedback from her followers to develop how she learns and takes notes, hoping to help other students with their studies as well.

Zoe’s notes and beautiful diagrams make even science look interesting!


Meg Cummings is a second-year History student at Cardiff University. Her insta feed is full of stylish dresses and lingerie and will make you search for the Oh Polly website faster than you can imagine.

She’s a model and studying for a degree so she’s basically already beaten us at life.



So there you have the most famous Tiktokers, YouTubers and Instagrammers studying at Cardiff right now. We all wish we had the talent to be famous on social media but that’s not always achievable so it’s time to get back to our BA/BSc assessments.

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