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Pryzm staff told they are on ‘final warning’ for racism at the club

Staff spoke to The Tab about first-hand experiences of racism

Staff at Pryzm were called into a meeting yesterday and issued their “final warning” for instances of racism at the club, The Cardiff Tab can reveal.

The staff were told that any member of staff who commit any further racist offences or microaggressions will be fired, as the club has a “zero tolerance policy” on racism.

Individual staff who have observed or been victims of racism at Pryzm told The Cardiff Tab about their alleged experiences. Their names will not be mentioned in order to protect their anonymity.

Person A claimed that ever since they began working at Pryzm, they were never treated fairly. They said that other staff members would give them dirty looks for no apparent reason. With this behaviour continuing, Person A realised that a white colleague would deliberately ignore them and speak to other white colleagues in conversation but not Person A, supposedly because they were black.

Person A claims they were made to feel victimised and helpless in response to the racist behaviour of other staff but kept the job, as they were in desperate need of money. They went on to allege that their black friends who also worked at Pryzm couldn’t handle the level of racism and quit their jobs.

Person B alleged they’ve heard staff members using derogatory terms like “golliwog” and making jokes about black people, saying “they disappear when the lights go out”.

Person B claimed they’d try to ignore such insensitive language, but admitted they “find the comments upsetting” and likened the behaviour to “playground bullying”.

A spokesperson for Pryzm Cardiff told The Cardiff Tab:

“Racism has no place in our business; we do not tolerate racism of any kind in our venues and are proud of our diverse mix of employees and customers.

“We can assure you that any proven cases of racism will be dealt with appropriately.”

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