Vote for the winner of Cardiff’s eligible bachelor so that we can all finally rest

It’s time to meet the finalists

After four rounds of tough competition, we have our finalists for Cardiff’s most eligible bachelor. But do the boys have what it takes to impress you and snatch the crown (and ultimate bragging rights)?

Lewis Bryan, third year Sociology

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How do you feel about reaching the final?

Getting to the final is hilarious, my mum is so proud, one step closer to getting my star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Lewis’ self-written bio:

The most jarring person to ever grace the earth.

Freddie Hutchins, second year Business

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How do you feel about reaching the final?


Freddie’s self-written bio:

I’m rock and roll through and through. But you know that old thing, live fast, die young? Not my way. Live fast, sure, live too bloody fast sometimes, but die young? Die old. That’s the way – not orthodox, I don’t live by “the rules” you know.

Cameron Mackinney, second year Human Geography

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How do you feel about reaching the final?

Wow, the first final I’ve been to since my primary schools’ talent show, thank you for the honour.

Cameron’s self-written bio:

I’d describe myself as funny, humorous, and hilarious and the girl I usually go for is someone who doesn’t like me back. To be honest, I’m just looking for my female James Acaster.