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There has been a dramatic increase in violent and sexual offences in Cathays

74% of crimes saw no further action against the offender

Violent and sexual offences have been increasing in Cardiff and Cathays over the past three years, an analysis of data from Police UK reveals. January 2017 reported 132 violence and sexual offences, which has increased to 187 in December 2019.

763 sexual and violent crimes were reported in 2019. This was 23% of the overall crime in the area, making it the most commonly reported crime. Anti-social behaviour was the next most common at 16%.

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Data from

When narrowed down to the area around which most students live, from Tal-Y-Bont to Cathays, there were reported 46 violent and sexual offences in December 2019. There were 61 further incidences that could not be traced to a specific location.

The worst month for sexual offences was June 2019, when there were 86 in the Cathays and Tal-Y-Bont area.

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The Cathays area. Data from

7 violent and sexual offences took place around Ryhmney Street, Thesiger Street, and Coburn Street. 3 of these crimes took place around Rhymney Street, near the bridge.

However, 73% of the crimes committed in 2019 had no further action, and a majority percentage of those crimes were not solved because the police were unable to prosecute the suspect (25%), or there was no suspect identified (48%).

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Recently, on Wednesday the 5th of January, Cathays saw incidents of sexual assault on the bridge connecting Rhymney Street to Richmond Road.

The Facebook group Overheard at Cardiff University has had posts from girls alerting others to a man in his 20s dressed in a hoodie and shorts who was flashing women as they walked over the bridge that connects Rhymney Street to Richmond Road. According to the Facebook post, the man ‘clocked’ the woman walking across the bridge and started to masturbate in front of her on Wednesday lunchtime.

South Wales Police told The Cardiff Tab: "Police are investigating an indecent exposure on the bridge linking Richmond Road to Rhymney Street at around 1.30pm yesterday.

"Officers did an extensive search of the area but the suspect, who ran off in the direction of City Road, was not found. He is described as wearing a bandana across his face and a grey hooded top.

"Anyone with information to please contact South Wales Police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 quoting occurrence number *044037."

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