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Dragon Taxis are planning to increase their fares as of April 2020

Nights out will be the worst affected

Dragon Taxis have announced this week that they have applied to increase their fares by five per cent, coming into effect in April 2020.

They cite their reasons as being an increase in costs, including petrol prices and drivers' wages.

Travel after 10pm is set to be the worst affected, with a two mile journey going from £6.10 to £7.40. In perspective, this is the distance from the Woodville to The Prince of Wales in the city centre.

They have also announced that they wish to introduce their additional £1 charge at 10pm, instead of the current time of 12am.

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The plan hasn't yet been confirmed and the council will be discussing Dragon Taxis' application on Friday 21st February.

In a report, the council said: "Consideration should be given to obtaining a balance between increasing the fare to compensate in the increase of costs of running a hackney carriage, and ensuring that the increase does not deter the public from using hackney carriages".

Dragon Taxis' managing director Ryan Owen has defended the proposed fare hike saying the inflation is "a reasonable amount when you take into account the increases in costs that are affecting drivers".

The council have expressed that the application will be given the go ahead provided there are no objections. The new prices will come into effect as of 1st April 2020.

In response, Cardiff uni students have expressed their objection.

One student told The Cardiff Tab "that is ridiculous" and that they'd "rather walk".

Another student said "I would never pay that much just to get across town, you should be getting plenty of change from a tenner for a taxi".

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