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Thefts are happening in the ASSL and this is what we found out

The thefts are becoming increasingly more common

We all know not to leave our belongings in the ASSL whilst we go and grab a cheeky Maccies or simply to get some fresh air. Recently, however, thefts within the library are happening more and more with one person even having their phone grabbed whilst standing in the library.

We spoke to one person who wishes to remain anonymous about their experiences within the library.

They said that they felt really scared about leaving anything alone in the library, as their phone was stolen whilst they were standing with it.

They do not understand why the theft happened but now has more hassle having to collect everything together or bringing a friend for the sole purpose of keeping an eye on their things.

Speaking to a Cardiff University spokesperson, they said that “We take the personal safety of our students extremely seriously. Whilst the campus remains a safe place unfortunately there are occasional incidents."

When asked about the recent posters that have appeared in the library they said, "we make no apology for reminding students of the need to remain vigilant". The posters are there to warn students of the possible dangers within the ASSL and that they should remain cautious at all times.

Tips for students to keep safe are to "keep their personal belongings out of sight, particularly mobile phones, wallets and laptop bags and; encourage them not to leave valuables unattended for long periods of time."

"If anyone sees anyone acting suspiciously they should report it to library staff or security on +44 (0)29 2087 4444.”

Always keep your belongings with you and make sure to leave them with someone you trust.