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Stop what you’re doing: A Friday Night Dinner special is coming to a Cardiff club next week

Shalom Jackie

Fancy yourself to be a Jackie or a Jim? Obsessed with Friday Night Dinner to the point your Netflix always recommends it for you? Well, you're in luck because a Friday Night Dinner special is coming to Pryzm next week.

On Monday 17th February, Quids In is home to the Friday Night Dinner appreciation night.

Their usual £1 drink deals will be on, so you can grab your VKs and spend the night shouting Shalom to your mates (serving strong Jim vibes).

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Pryzm has said that they'll be giving out t-shirts with "shalom" and "shit on it" captions, which is probably the best thing we've ever heard.

Just when you think it can't get even better, there's also a chance to win a giant Wilson! Now that is something Jim would be scared of.

If you're looking for a photo opportunity, there are going to be cardboard cut outs of all your favourite characters including Jim, Jackie, Wilson, Adam, Jonny and Martin.

The guestlist is full up but don't worry, tickets are still available here.

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