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All the neighbours you encounter whilst living in Cathays

We all hate the early bird

You move out of halls and you think you're gonna be so mature and life's going to be bliss, until you encounter your Cathays neighbours. Sometimes bad neighbours can undoubtedly ruin your uni experience. So who are the different types of neighbours you encounter around Cathays?

The party animals


You want to be so mad, but then part of you is incredibly impressed. You'll still be trying to figure out how they make it to uni everyday for the entire year that you live next to them.

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Look at the amount of alcohol, can someone ask if their livers are okay?

The family

The family or any non-uni resident for that matter. Who knew like actual people can live in Cathays? Mind blown.

Only problem with these lot is no matter how nice and smiley you are, you know they absolutely hate your guts for all your late night antics. You just know they're judging the amount of tinnies in your recycling bags.

The most embarrassing thing is engaging in eye contact with them as you wave goodbye to your YOLO take home.

The night owl

You never EVER see them leave the house. But you know they exist because you hear them at 3am and their light is always on when you come home late after the SU.


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Dedication is key.

The early bird

Worse than the Night Owl since you are reminded when you hear their blender on at 6am that you are a fat lump of an excuse for a uni student.

You watch them bounce off perky as ever as they head off to the gym before lectures, whilst you lie in last night's make up full of regret.

The musician

We get it, alright? You can blow really well…

But for the love of God, do you have to practice at 11pm at night. Please stop interrupting our Netflix binge with your attempt to play a musical instrument.

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You're no Louis Armstrong mate x

The placement students

You're not better than us because you got your arse into gear and found a 'job' for a year.

Technically you're not a uni student at the moment, so stop with your smirk as you leave the house in your suit/uniform when we're trudging home from last night's one night stand. You will be us next year when you're back to being a full-time student.

Also, we can hear you moaning about how difficult your 'job' is, please just get on with it. Remember that you chose to do it.

The new relationship

You've grabbed yourself a catch, we're single AF, we do not need reminding about it 24/7.

Yes, he's absolutely hilarious we can hear your high pitch squealing through the wall of a terraced house.

We truly hope that it's you jumping on the bed we wake up to and not anything else to remind me that we are single.

Don't even think you get a break if it's long distance as all of those noises are amplified when they do visit. Don't forget about the constant FaceTimes and calls in between make sure to remind us that you are in fact in a relationship!

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Oh… bet he's a real comedian.

So, there you have it, the neighbours from hell that you encounter around Cathays. You can't be mad though, because we've all been there, done that. But maybe, have a bit more consideration for those that share walls with you in the future.

If you're a fresher about to move out of halls then good luck, you're going to need it and remember Cathays isn't as quiet and innocent as you may think.

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