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‘Cathays letter thieves’: The Mackintosh’s letters on their sign have been stolen

They are threatening police involvement

The Mackintosh has had the letters making up its pub sign stolen, with the last few being taken on Saturday 1st at 2:15am.

The Mac took to Facebook to announce the theft and stated that their 'shiny new' camera caught sight of the one male and two females. The pub have nicknamed the culprits 'the Cathays letter thieves' and said one of them supposedly looked straight into the camera.

⚠️⚠️ATTENTION LETTER THIEVES!!! ⚠️⚠️Congratulations for stealing the entire pub sign letters, thank you also for…

Posted by The Mackintosh on Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Before this theft, The Mackintosh only had a few letters on its sign and now every single letter has been stolen.

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They are threatening both police and university involvement unless the letters are returned by Monday 10th Feb. The post says they "don't think criminal damage would be tolerated by the university" and that the "clock is ticking".

Some expressed humour at the theft, commenting "I only went for a p! Maybe Leckie is playing Scrabble?" while another said "would have been better to nick that English flag".

The Mac are offering a reward for the return of the letters, as well as information to help identify the culprits.

The Cardiff Tab got in touch but The Mackintosh "are not commenting further on this matter".

Feature image via Facebook.

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