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Joe Lycett just held a rave outside CPS in Cathays

People were chanting ‘normal wear and tear’

Comedy legend Joe Lycett just held a rave outside CPS Homes on Woodville Road and it was filmed by Channel 4.

Filming for his scammer show "Got your Back", Joe Lycett tackles businesses who take advantage of their customers and surprisingly (or not for Cardiff students), he just held a rave outside CPS.

Alongside Joe was Made in Chelsea star Jamie Laing, showing his support for the rave.

It got pretty wild as DJs were playing from a jeep that read "CPS HOMS Rave: not sponsored by CPS homes". A video shows the event with flashing lights, students dancing, lots of miscellaneous beeping noises and a large crowd outside CPS.

Check out the video on The Cardiff Tab's Instagram.

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Blythe Hughes-Davies, a Cardiff University student said "it was for the Channel 4 programme with Joe Lycett investigating CPS and how poorly they treat students".

Joe Lycett wore a slogan jumper to the event saying: "The onus is on the landlord." We don't know which estate agents messed about with Joe Lycett when he was in his student house, but they are definitely regretting it now.

Pictures from the event show Joe Lycett and Jamie Laing getting cuddly, as well as a few lucky students who snapped pics with Jamie too.

It's not fully understood why Jamie is there helping out the disadvantaged student renters, when he is in fact a millionaire, but we'll take all the help we can get.

The recorded footage will be part of series two of Joe Lycett's 'Got Your Back', which will air on Channel 4 this year.