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Someone found a hamster behind the SU and no one knows who owns it

How do you prove it’s yours??

It's the last thing you'd expect to find around the SU, especially on a Sunday after a JUICE night out. But roaming around the streets of Cathays, and around the undoubtedly sick-ridden area of the SU, was a pet hamster.

Someone stumbled across the hamster and took to Overheard at Cardiff University in hope of finding the owner.

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Jack Chapman did the honourable thing and took the little hamster home, helping him to scrub up after a heavy JUICE night. I mean, we've all wandered the streets of Cathays after the SU right?

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So it's all well and good trying to find the rightful owner of the little hamster but the truth of the matter is, how do someone even prove it's their hamster??

Some people have posted to Overheard declaring they've lost their hamster but would you hand an innocent little hamster over to just anyone? It's a serious decision to make.

Alana O'Brien has claimed ownership saying "people are flooding them claiming it's [theirs] but this hamster belongs to me". She's even posted a cute picture of her hamster eating a raspberry to try and prove it. The tricky thing is, how do you tell apart two hamsters? Don't they all look identical?

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If it really is Alana's, let's hope she gets little Ivy home soon. If it isn't then we may just stumble upon another hamster going rogue around Cathays.

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