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These are the best vegan Instagrams that you NEED to be following

The guidance is needed tbh

Whether it’s for inspiration to try a plant-based diet this Veganuary, or just for some fresh ideas for you long-term vegans. These are the vegan Instagram accounts you should be following.

Veganuary @weareveganuary

To start with the obvious, the Veganuary Instagram account has all you need. From recipes, to links to vegan blogs, to information about plant-based food on the high-street, to quotes from various vegan celebs, you will find it all here.

Patrik Baboumian @patrikbaboumian

Worried that a vegan diet might affect your time at the gym? Patrik Baboumian, star of the 2018 documentary The Game Changers, proves that you can be vegan and strong af. Patrik’s insta consists of workout videos, vegan memes and posts dealing with misconceptions about supplements.

Cute pet pics can also be found here – just for some extra motivation.

So Vegan @sovegan

This account run by co-founders Roxy Pope and Ben Pook has a range of yummy vegan recipes linked in their bio to try out, including smoked salmon using carrots and baked chocolate doughnuts.

Now You Know It’s Vegan @nowyouknowitsvegan

This is the king of vegan Instagram accounts. Not only does it let you know all the delicious food you can eat across various supermarkets, but it separates some of the shops into individual saved stories too! It makes it super easy to look through a collection of vegan foods available at your supermarket of choice! Trust me, you’ll be surprised at what you can eat.

Veganbeautygirl @veganbeautygirl

Sometimes the hardest bit about switching to veganism is avoiding beauty products that aren't obvious by-products of animals.

You don’t think about your make-up or toiletries not being vegan but Veganbeautygirl, an account run by 12-year vegan Nicole Whittle, is a super helpful insight into vegan health and beauty. The account shows suitable products that range from deodorant to hair dye. For those interested in the environmental side of veganism, plastic free and biodegradable products are also tested by Nicole.

Avantgardevegan @avantgardevegan

Run by Cardiff-based chef Gaz Oakley, this account is filled with incredible vegan recipes including chocolate milkshakes, a vegan brekkie and his iconic purple soup. Gaz even collaborated with Wagamamas in 2018 and create the dish ‘avant-gard’n’ (super delicious btw). This is definitely the account to visit when you're feeling like you've been eating the same chilli recipe for a month. We've all been there.

So sit back, take your B12, and let these vegan Instagram accounts do all the hard work for you.

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