Cardiff student gets a vile and ‘mouldy’ surprise in Lidl rice packet

It’s the last thing you’d expect in a packet of rice

After buying a packet of rice at Cathays Lidl today, Cardiff Met student Jemima Mills had a vile and shocking surprise when she opened the packet.

The rice was clumped, discoloured and looked like raw meat.

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Jemima told The Cardiff Tab: "We first thought it was meat and then we cut it up it was like mouldy, it really freaked me out".

Jemima and her friends first thought it was meat, with her friend posting to Overheard at Cardiff University saying "Veggies watch out, the things you find in a Lidl rice packet!!"

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However, they later realised it was mouldy rice which had discoloured in the packet. Jemima told The Cardiff Tab that she had only bought the rice this afternoon, at around 2pm.

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Jemima has reached out to Lidl on Twitter, but has not had a reply yet. She said "it's gross but I'm still gonna stop there, I'll just avoid the rice". I think most of us will avoid the rice aisle for the time being.