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Is Fam Fish curry sauce Vegan? We found out so you don’t have to

Veganuary has got us thinking

It's no surprise that every Cardiff student will have heard of Fam Fish. We've all stumbled in on a Wednesday night after YOLO, ready to get our infamous, drunken chips and curry sauce.

But have you ever stopped to think whether the curry sauce is vegan or not? We'll chow down on the chips smothered in the stuff, but has your drunken self ever even asked if it's vegan?

Well, you're in luck because The Cardiff Tab has asked Abdul himself so you don't have to.

And the verdict is… THE CURRY SAUCE IS VEGAN!

Vegans and meat-eaters alike can rejoice in everyone being able to tuck into Fam Fish's chips and curry sauce. We can always rely on Abdul for being a man of the people.

Not only does he offer the classic chips and curry sauce as vegan, he also does vegan chicken nuggets. The question on our lips is: Who's up for a Fam Fish??

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Fam Fish curry sauce ingredients list

But there is an extra note for the ethical vegans of Cardiff, be aware that the curry sauce does contain palm oil as shown in the ingredients list above.

So rest assured vegans that you can keep ordering your favourite drunken food after your nights out, and be sure to give Abdul a little thanks while you're there.

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