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Michael Bublé is coming to Cardiff Castle next summer

Sounds like the perfect Xmas gift

Have you had this guy's iconic Christmas tunes on since the beginning of November? Then you’ll be excited to hear that Micheal Bublé will be performing in the stunning Welsh landmark, Cardiff Castle, as part of his UK tour ‘An Evening with Micheal Bublé’.

The gig will be happening on Wednesday August 5th 2020, great news as we will for sure all be missing YOLO in the summer holidays!

Whilst he may not be playing his Christmas classics (given the gig is set for the middle of summer), hopefully the Welsh weather will hold up to make the concert as stunning as it sounds.

Bublé is set to perform 3 days after Lionel Richie will be playing in the beautiful venue.

The tour consists of a variety of open air concerts across the country in historic venues such as stately homes, cricket grounds, and castles.

So, fancy singing along with this icon in the summer? Tickets can be bought here.