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An ode to Cardiff’s Winter Wonderland

The best thing in Wales since Live Lounge

It's finally December, the mid-terms are over and what better way to forget about your looming assessments than with copious amounts of mulled wine and ice-skating?

That's where Winter Wonderland comes in. Let's be honest, once it starts getting dark at 4pm, it's basically Christmas.

We have compiled a true ode to Winter Wonderland and why it's probably the best thing in Cardiff right now.

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What do you mean 'it's still November'??

Those long, grey walks into town to buy socks for your dad's present (for the fourth year in a row) are made slightly more bearable by the bright lights of Winter Wonderland, reminding you that Christmas isn't entirely about disappointing presents and Christmas pudding.

Is there anything more thrilling than spending the dregs of your student loan on the potential of winning a giant stuffed bear? Who needs a relationship when you've got one of those bad boys.

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So close, and yet so far

With plenty of food and drink possibilities (crêpes anyone?) and a fire pit to roast marshmallows, there's plenty of things to do to keep those energy levels up, including repeatedly trying knock over a stack of tin cans.

And when you're tired of watching your overly competitive friend fail to punt a basketball into a hoop for the tenth time in a row, Sur La Piste is waiting in all its aesthetic glory.

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Sur La Piste

Sur La Piste – the warm, wooden, alcoholic (or non-alcoholic if you prefer) haven. Get cosy and sit and soak in the Christmas spirit, as well as that drink your mate spilt on you a few minutes ago. Even better, this year's Winter Wonderland is only using recyclable cups supplied by Biopak, so you can drink guilt free. Or at least free from any environment-related guilt (still forgetting those assessments due in Jan).

Not to mention the tunes, ranging from Christmas bangers to something to fulfil all of your tribute act related dreams (we all want to be the blonde woman in ABBA).

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The Big Wheel in all its glory

The Big Wheel is back again so get ready for some great views of Cardiff from a height (a 35 metre height to be exact). And from personal experience, you should probably wear a scarf or protect yourself from the wind with your newly won four foot unicorn toy.

So it's time to wrap up, put on the Santa hat and start drinking somewhere you can blame your questionable actions on festive cheer.

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