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It’s that time again: Clubbers of the Week is coming at you

You’ve done us proud

Once again Cardiff students have gotten absolutely wasted and we couldn't be happier about it.

Yolo's new Photobooth has got you getting creative:

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Although someone clearly wasn't happy with the result…

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You'd think strike week would make them a little happier?

Interviewer: Tell us about a time when you showed great resilience.


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There's always one…

What we'd like to know is: Is he a rep or is he just the biggest VK lover EVER?

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Please let it be the latter

We all know someone who's never been touched by a girl…

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Calm down, she's just trying to squeeze through the crowd

We hope someone's bought this girl some Bazuka

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Also, we'd like to know if that girl is avoiding the lad in the background?

Congratulations Will for whatever you did that was banner-worthy

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We're proud no matter what it was x

When you realise you forgot to hit submit on Turnitin before you went out

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Birthday girls get a free pass to clubbers of the week, especially when they wear this headband to YOLO

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We love your dress x

Whose genius idea was it to bring glitter into the SU?

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They should've thought about this sooner!

Who says women can't rock a moustache?

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Suits you babe x

We have just a few questions as to what is going on here??

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That under-dress hand placement is definitely no accident, subtle.

The face of an undeniable food-gasm

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From Live Lounge pizza? Really?

That one USW kid in Liveys surrounded by Cardiff Uni and Cardiff Met students

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Good luck keeping the peace hun x

That's it for this week's stand-out clubbers. Will you make it next time?

Photos credit to Live Lounge, Cardiff Students' Union and Pryzm.

Feature image: Y Plas Facebook Page.