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10 Feet Tall is helping the homeless in Cardiff to vote

The bar is offering its address

With the registry deadline fast approaching on the 26th of November, those who don't have a fixed abode can struggle to find a way to register, often leaving them excluded from casting their vote.

The Cardiff bar, 10 Feet Tall, are opening a drop in service for anyone from 12pm on Sunday and Monday, offering a hot drink and help with filling out the registry forms.

The venue manager, Caitlin Whelan, said:

"We saw the Bristol Beer Factory initiative and we saw a few of them around the country and we were really inspired by that.

"We are a city centre venue and we feel it is really important this time around, as it is any time, to give people the opportunity to have their say.

"They can have a coffee or a tea while they fill out their forms."

The Electoral Commission rules that people without a fixed address can register to vote from either an address they spend much of their time at, or an address nearby an area they spend significant time at.

"As we are near to St Mary Street, we are offering people the opportunity to use our address.

"Homeless shelters have spread the word so we are expecting some people" Caitlin said.

Homeless charity, Crisis, is also offering advice for rough sleepers who want to vote here.

Caitlin added:

"We think it's really important that everyone gets the opportunity to exercise their right to vote. We're in a city centre location near to where a lot of the homeless population spend their time so we wanted to let them know that they can vote even without a fixed address. We've had close to 20 people registering both at the venue and on the streets and it's been really interesting hearing their stories and getting their feedback. We'll be registering people until 2pm tomorrow to give us the chance to take all the forms to County Hall and if anyone wants to come down to 10 Feet Tall to help us out, get in contact."