Extinction Rebellion propose ‘radical’ environment policy for Cardiff Students’ Union

They say the SU has not taken action on the climate emergency

A motion for the Students' Union to adopt a 'radical environment policy' has been proposed to the Annual General Meeting on Thursday.

The motion has been proposed by Matt Tomlin, the President of Cardiff University's Extinction Rebellion society.

The society, part of the national environmental movement, was set up at Cardiff University in September.

The motion states that while the SU has declared a climate emergency, it has no unveiled any major action related to this. It also points out that the university is yet to declare a climate emergency.

In addition, the motion would call for the SU to get to a carbon next zero by 2025, and lobby the university to do the same.

The SU would be required to begin a 'tell the truth campaign', communicating with students about climate issues.

The motion also proposes the creation of a student's assembly, made up of 500 random representative students who would then make environmental decisions for the university and students' union. However, a motion at the SU AGM cannot mandate the university to take any action, only mandate the SU to take action and lobby the university.

Matt Tomlin told the Cardiff Tab:

"I think it's really important that while we are on campus, our SU and University are really considering our future by leading the way in major change to their environmental policy.

"We see politicians all the time doing nothing on the climate and ecological crisis we are in the middle of, or just doing what's easy. This motion is about asking students if they want our student politics, our union and whole campus to take a stand on this for all of us."

All students can attend and vote at the AGM. It takes place this Thursday at 6PM. Other motions being discussed include whether the union should adopt an official pro-choice stance, and if it should support the upcoming strike action.