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Cardiff Uni building used as setting for BBC’s new drama ‘His Dark Materials’

It’s the BBC’s biggest drama of 2019

More filming has taken place in Cardiff recently, with the university's Glamorgan building being used as a backdrop for the BBC drama 'His Dark Materials'.

In addition to the stunning Glamorgan building, The Temple of Peace, a non-religious civic building, and Plasturton Gardens (situated near Pontcanna) have also been used.

'His Dark Materials' is a brand new series on BBC and is Jack Thorne’s adaptation of the famous series of novels written by Philip Pullman.

The eight-part series follows a girl, Lyra, who embarks on a dangerous adventure to the mystical North.

Sporting a cast of big names including James McAvoy and Dafne Keen, the first episode attracted 9.7 million viewers last month.

Wolf Studios Wales, also based in Cardiff, has hosted much of the green-screen filming needed to produce the shows dramatic location changes.

Bute Library, another Cardiff University building, has also been featured in the new Channel 4 drama, The Accident, airing tonight at 9pm.

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Image credit Cardiff University Libraries Twitter