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A Cardiff shop put out a job advertisement asking for “preferably a boy”

The frame-making shop is now under investigation

The advertisement was placed in the shop window of Framing Wales, a shop in Canton, Cardiff. It was seeking a school age employee.

A passerby noticed the sexist tone of the advertisement and complained, leading to an investigation by the Equality and Human Rights Comission.

The advert also suggested any potential employee "must be able to stay off his phone for at least five minutes."

When asked for comment, a worker at the company said: "Seriously? I don't care. Get a life".

A commission spokesperson, who can enforce action over breaches of the Equality Act, said they would be "considering this matter".

The spokesperson added:

"We would remind organisations that advertising job opportunities for a particular group can open them up to legal challenge.

"Advertisements cannot restrict job opportunities to those from a particular gender, age or local area, unless there is a justifiable reason such as a genuine occupational requirement.

"It is important that everyone has fair access to work and a working environment that allows them to reach their full potential."