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Clubbers of Reading Week: It’s better than ever

You lot did not disappoint

Reading week goes one of two ways, you either live in the ASSL all week or you have a real break from uni and don't touch your laptop (unless it's for Netflix obvs). However you spend it, reading week is a great excuse to go out whichever day you want, with no 9ams stopping you.

So, we've rounded up the best clubbers of reading week:

The next generation of Tiger Woods

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Shit shirt night anyone?

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"Hands up if you blagged your way into VIP"

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Pyjama party in the SU anyone?

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"Throw a peace sign if you're absolutely wasted"

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When you realise you spent £4.70 on a VK and are waving your bank account goodbye

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An angel and a 'devil' walked into a takeaway…

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We have found Cardiff's very own Elton John

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Any mustard or ketchup with that?

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You've partied hard and made the most of reading week. I guess we all better get ready for a week of lectures again, unless we bail.

Feature Image Credit: Pryzm Cardiff