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The up and coming Cardiff Uni societies that need more recognition

Their dedication and work is admirable

There are over 200 societies at Cardiff uni and we've all probably signed up to a bunch at the Societies' Fair, only to never turn up for a single event.

So to navigate our way through the mass 200 societies, we've come up with the most up and coming societies that deserve more recognition for the work they do. Along with a couple of old but gold ones, these societies deserve a little more love from Cardiff students.

Clwb Y Mynydd Bychan

This society does everything through the medium of Welsh! It's a healthcare society and they've got a bunch of events like revision sessions, socials, and even lectures. They've also got volunteer opportunities so you might as well boost that CV by giving back to the society. The best part? You don't have to be fluent in Welsh to join, you could be a beginner and just looking to practice your speaking skills! Immersing yourself in the language is the best way to learn it and credit to Clwb Y Mynydd Bychan for keeping the Welsh language alive.

Chasing Zero

Chasing Zero is a society that supports the Chasing Zero Charity. They work to improve access to HIV treatment and care in rural communities.

According to the society, "we are a community of students chasing a world where 17 million children are not left orphaned and individuals, families and communities are able to thrive free from HIV and AIDS."

CoppaFeel! Society

Cardiff Uni Boob Team is representing the charity CoppaFeel! with the intention of increasing breast cancer awareness in young people. They aim to help students know the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, helping with earlier detection and getting rid of misdiagnosis. They encourage students to check their breasts regularly and seek medical help if there are changes.

The Cardiff Uni Boob team are raising as much money as possible for CoppaFeel! (Aiming for £1000 per academic year)

Membership: £2

Help for Homeless Society

This society is a charity dedicated to help with homelessness in Cardiff through fundraisers.

They have fundraisers, volunteering, campaigning opportunities, events for members to discuss ideas, and collaborations with other societies who want to help with the cause.

Membership: £1


Sexpression is a sex and relationships education charity. Volunteers are trained to deliver quality sex education at local secondary schools. Once you've completed your training, you're free to do as many or as few sessions as they like and transport is always arranged for!

Membership: £4

UNICEF Society

UNICEF is a programme created by the United Nations to promote healthcare, education, and equality for children in countries in need. Through donations, UNICEF is able to provide food, medicine, shelter and support to children and mothers in need.

The society at Cardiff aims to help UNICEF through organising different fundraising events and raising awareness through informative events during the year like charity concerts, football tournaments and bake sales. As a member you contribute to the project and help organise events. They even do collaborations so you don't have to be a member of the UNICEF society in order to help out.

Membership: £2

Teddy Bear Hospital

Were you afraid of hospitals when you were younger? Most kids are. This society aims to reduce that fear through the medium of teddy bears. Members teach the children about basic human anatomy, brushing your teeth, germs, and eating healthily.

The society also holds fundraising events and socials with the goal to raise money for Noah's Ark Children's Hospital Charity

Membership: £3

SKIP Cardiff

SKIP (Students for Kids International Projects) is a national charity aiming to develop and maintain projects to improve health, education and welfare for children.

Through the Cardiff society, members have the opportunity to help develop projects and potentially volunteer in other regions of the world, for example some students travelled to Zimbabwe to teach sex education.

Membership: £5

Water Aid Society

WaterAid is a UK charity aiming to help everyone across the world have access to safe water, sanitation, and hygiene by 2030.

The society helps work towards WaterAid's goal by organising socials and fundraising events during the year including film nights, quizzes, hearing from guest speakers, comedy nights, etc.

Membership: £2

Come find us today at the Freshers Fair!! We are in Y stiwdio ?

Posted by WaterAid Society on Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Feminist Society

This society holds regular and casual meetings to discuss various experiences and issues in society. They also do other socials like lunch meetings, cinema trips, and alcohol-based socials.

They aim to help women through awareness and volunteer work. Their current project is a collab with Women's Aid Cardiff, to collect single bedding and help shelter women who are victims of domestic violence.

Membership: FREE

Equality Society

This society supports various groups through discussing different movements, the aims those movements had, and how effective they've been. They hold various other discussions like inequalities faced, gender, religion, etc.

According to the Equality Society: "We, as a society, will adopt the meaning of ‘freedom of speech’ as adopted by the ECHR, this is a qualified right, any speech that incites hate or intolerance shall not be welcome."

Membership: FREE

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Women for Women International Society

This society supports the charity women for women international. They support women who live in some of the most dangerous places in the world. Women are able to enrol onto the charity's training programme to learn how to earn and save money, improve their family's health and well being, and make sure their voice is heard at home and in the community.

The society helps with fundraising in order to sponsor women to participate in this year-long training programme. They host events and activities to raise awareness violence against women and gender inequality around the world.

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