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An ode to Cardiff’s SU stairs

Oh, SU stairs we’ve had some memories…


If you’re a student at Cardiff uni, it is probably a safe assumption that you have trekked up the infamous SU stairs on Park Place.

From queuing on them at 8am to watch the Six Nations final in the Taf to stumbling down them after Juice, they are iconic to every student that comes through Cardiff uni. Now with the news that the stairs are going to be demolished, an ode to the SU stairs is in order.

We're all partial to a Juice or a YOLO night and almost every single one of us has been that drunk freshers trying to navigate the stairs after one too many VKs. Or even the inevitable drunken cry on the stairs after losing your mates in Y Plas (sometimes the balcony search just doesn't work). Even after our breakdown, the stairs lead us to the consolation of a bacon roll and a hot chocolate at the end of the night out, right outside the SU.

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RIP, they're hardly recognisable these days

You'd see all kinds of people on the SU stairs, the dick who tried (really unsubtly) to push in line, the drunk girl who cries to her mates in the queue after drinking too much at pres, and even the guy who loses his mates but uses his time wisely in the queue trying to chat up some girl.

The SU stairs are the equivalent to nightclub toilets, the longer you wait in the queue, the more friends you make. All you can hear is "omg, love your skirt where's it from!!" and "I'm gonna pull tonight boys". Granted, the queue for YOLO has been painfully long so far this year, but the chats and gossip on those stairs are worth it.

In all seriousness, the SU stairs are important to Uni life. It’s not even limited to nights out, imagine trying to get the Taf without going up the stairs.

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Let's not forget that time in 2017, when YOLO had to be evacuated due to a fire alarm and 2,000 students flooded the stairs. Shoutout to the stairs for saving our lives.

Whether you love them or loathe them, it’s safe to say that the SU stairs have become an integral part of every student's Cardiff uni experience and they will be sadly missed.