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Listen up Taly freshers: your vote could be crucial in the snap general election

Cardiff North is a swing seat

Cardiff students living in Talybont could have a crucial role to play in the upcoming snap election.

Talybont Gate, North, and South are all located in the constituency of Cardiff North, which is a swing seat between Labour and the Conservatives.

Talybont Court, Cathyas, and most other student halls are located in Cardiff Central, where the Labour MP Jo Stevens has a larger majority.

Cardiff North was taken in 2017 by Labour MP Anna McMorrin. In 2015 and 2010 it was won by Conservative candidates.

Increased turnout from students was one of the reason the Labour party increased seats in 2017. Therefore votes of students could be crucial in deciding whether Labour keeps the Cardiff North seat in December.

You can find out what constituency your address is in here.

Students are able to register to vote at both their University address and at their home address.

You can register to vote here. You must do so before midnight on 26th November in order to vote in the election.

Unlike people with one address, students are able to chose where they wish to vote based on where there vote will have most impact. For students living in Cardiff North, it may be the case that your vote would have more impact there than at home, where one party may have a firmer majoirty.

Alternatively, students in Cardiff Central may wish to vote at home if their home is in a swing seat.

If you will not be in your preferred location to vote on 12th December, you can apply for a postal vote here. The deadline to apply is by 5PM on 26th November.