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Calling all Cardiff students: Vote for your favourite Welsh icon to be commemorated

Big up Roald Dahl

Cartridge Save recently carried out a project where many photos were taken of Cardiff.

The next stage of this successful project will be local artist, Nathan Wyburn, commemorating a famous Welsh icon out of thousands of these photos.

Discussing the project, Nathan said: “I love creating something more fun than a standard portrait… The chance to turn a Cardiff legend into a piece of artwork using so many diverse images of life in the city is fantastic!"

As Cardiff students, we have the opportunity to vote for who we believe should be commemorated in this artwork.

The shortlist consists of eight all-time famous icons.

1. Chris Morgan – Television and Newspaper Journalist

Born in Cardiff and educated at Cardiff High School, Chris Morgan is a famous Welsh journalist. He is well known for becoming the religious affairs correspondent for the Sunday Times.

2. Roald Dahl – Novelist

Born in Llandaff, Dahl is one of the most well-known children's authors in the world, but he wasn't only an author. During World War II, he also enlisted as a fighter pilot. Safe to say, he is an incredible icon for Cardiff.

3. Dannie Abse – Poet

Dannie known best for being one of Britain's leading and most popular poets, his work being influential proving himself to be a perfect icon for Cardiff. Also, he is said have been an avid Cardiff City supporter!

4. Stan Stennett – Actor

Born in Bridgend, Stan is a famous actor who has appeared on many shows. For us students, the most familiar with likely be Coronation Street, an all-time favourite Brit soap. He spent more than 60 years of his life dedicated to show biz.

5. Hugh Johns – English Football Commentator

An Englishman?! We know what you're thinking. As one of the most well-known voices in football, Johns lived in South Wales for the majority of his life, before passing away in Cardiff in 2003.

6. Ernie Curtis – Former Welsh International Footballer

Making over 250 appearances in the football league, Ernie was the youngest ever winner of the FA Cup during his time at Cardiff City in 1927.

Not only a football player, Ernie joined the Royal Artillery in World War II and captured Japanese forces in 1941. A true legend for Cardiff.

7. Harry Bowcott – Former Welsh International Rugby Player

Educated in Cardiff High School, Harry became incredibly influential within Wales' rugby team. During his presidential year, Wales won the Five Nations Championship. After he retired he would always watch Cardiff from the public enclosure.

8. Bernice Rubens – Novelist

Bernice, born in Cardiff, was a Booker Price-winning Welsh novelist. She became the first woman to win the Man Booker Prize. Many of her books have been adapted into films and continue to be read and loved today.

Over to you

Now all you need to do is cast your votes here before Monday the 18th November!