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Clubbers of the week: Halloween style in Cardiff

Boris Johnson was in YOLO? What??

Clubbers of the week is back again but this one is extra special; it's Halloween week! After Freshers' Week, it's our easiest excuse to go out every night of the week and drink insane amounts of VKs while looking our best (or worst, in some cases).

So, let's dive right into Cardiff's Halloween clubbers of the week.

There's nothing scarier than politics, amirite?

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Byeeeee EU

On a budget? Steal your girl's costume. Or just get a unicorn horn and call it a day

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A* for pumpkin effort

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Cushions come in handy for more than just naps

Get in to YOLOween early so you can do this pose

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And clean floors? With no empty VK bottles??

Fancy snacks to go with your VKs? Cookie Monster is the way to go

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Talk about comfort on a night out

What colour VK do you want? I know a few spells

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We all need a wand for this

LEGGO to the dance floor

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Sometimes the picture is more important than life or death

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Commitment to the YOLO pics

Forget the Unicorn headbands, this guy's gone the whole hog

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But how did he drink his vodka and coke???

Out here to find their boo

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Notice Buzz having a good talking to in the background

It's been a cray week

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Finally found his lobster

Someone just wasn't feeling the love, a banana split perhaps?

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Is this a nightie?

Now that Halloween is over, we can finally get into the Christmas spirit. Putting up my tree ASAP!