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Newsflash: Not everyone at Uni is a heavy drinker and that’s ok

Some of us don’t actually like VKs, soz

There are at least 3 types of university students: binge drinkers, casual drinkers and non-drinkers.

While there is an automatic assumption that not drinking as much as a stereotypical student is a negative experience, there are actually lots of positives to being the 'responsible' friend.

Not feeling like the world is ending in morning lectures

You always hear the so-called 'relatable' stories of hangovers the day after a night out and how unbearable morning lectures are to deal with.

The beauty of not taking it too far means you can actually make it to university in the morning. Look at us non-drinkers making the most of our 9k tuitions.

Being able to have a great night out and still keep up to date with university work really is the best of both worlds!

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Catching up on sleep at any given opportunity is a necessity

Actually remembering what happened

Drinking little or nothing at all means that everyone comes to you the morning after for the gossip.

Reminding your single friends of the questionable pulls and everyone else of their tacky chunders is some of the BEST entertainment.

Also, knowing that you didn't make a fool of yourself and keeping your dignity is quite a nice feeling.

Saving money

We all know that being able to save money as a student is a top priority in any situation. Alcohol is one of the largest expenses for many students and, even though it seems obvious, drinking less = spending less.

Rather than spending an extortionate amount of money on VKs in the Students' Union (which doesn't even get you that drunk), being satisfied with just pre-drinks is one of the biggest blessings of not being a heavy drinker.

P.S, being a lightweight is also helpful in this situation.

Plus, who actually likes knowing they spent half their loan on VKs?

While there are plenty of positives in only having a few drinks, there are some realities that are not so fun.

Peer pressure

A lot of students worry about peer pressure when they first come to university. We've all seen Fresh Meat and other TV shows which make us feel like student life is centred around hardcore initiations and heavy drinking games. It's caused people to feel like they're 'un-cool' if they don't take part, which simply isn't true.

But don't let peer pressure get to you, there are thousands of people at university from all walks of life, and yes it's daunting, but trying to meet new people is always a good idea.

If the people who surround you are going out every night of the week and it just isn't your scene, go to non-alcohol events and societies to meet people who like to do the same things as you.

You will become the parent of the group

It's a responsibility none of us are ready for and if you don't drink on the night out, it will go unsaid that you are the allocated babysitter.

We all have the 'mum' of our friendship group and while some embrace their newfound motherhood, it is understandable that trying to look after friends who can't control themselves isn't everyone's cup of tea. Some of us just aren't maternal, ok?

One mate is running to the left, another is chatting up some guy and one is at your feet spewing on your new shoes. It's the difficulty of being the sober one in a group of drunks and by the end of the night you forget you're in a club and feel like you're herding sheep in a field.

Once you have finally gathered everyone, you have start the LONG trek home. You never quite realise just how far away you live from town until it feels like you've been stumbling through the streets of Cathays forever rounding up your entire house.

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No matter how messy they are, you love them regardless

Not being the biggest drinker, or even being a non-drinker, doesn't mean that you are destined for a dead social life at uni. There are plenty of things you can do to have just as much fun and make the most of your university experience. Why not join some societies, invite friends round for a takeaway night or go into town for some shopping?

Don't fret if you don't fit into the dramatised stereotype of a binge-drinking student, there are always pros to being the sober friend.