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USW are scrapping their BA Dance course and students aren’t happy

There’s a petition to #saveUSWdance

University of South Wales has suddenly decided to cancel the Dance BA (hons) course after only three years of offering the course to students.

A petition started to protest the course cancellation states: "The faculty has claimed that there is no market for a dance course in Wales that meets a sustainable (financial) threshold."

Since the course started three years ago, the USW dance course has been commended by both internal and external artists for the professional and high quality artists that the course produces.

The first graduates of USW Dance

Posted by USW Dance on Thursday, July 4, 2019

With over 45 performances under their belt, the USW dance course has worked in collaboration with over 30 organisations and artists across the Welsh dance sector.

Students at USW have started a petition, claiming the "shortsighted decision has not considered the impact it will have not only for the students and graduates but also for the Welsh dance sector."

They have raised the question that with only one specialised Dance degree offered in higher education in Wales, "where will the youth dancers of Wales go?"

The petition states: "The institution has failed to recognise our growing reputation as a course – we need more time, three years isn’t enough."

Many people, students and non-students have signed the petition. Some of the comments include:

"I have aspired to one day do this course, there are not many places in Wales for dance education".

"It feels like the course was only started so that the university can say 'at least we tried!'"

A USW spokesperson told The Cardiff Tab: "The decision to close BA Dance to new entrants was not taken lightly. USW will ensure that every student already enrolled on BA Dance course will have the best possible educational experience throughout their time with us. We will continue to facilitate open dialogue with the course team to prioritise the needs of these students.

"Unfortunately, the projected recruitment figures for BA Dance means the number of future students is not enough to provide the high quality education for any future cohort that we can provide to the students who are already studying with us.

"Anyone that graduates from USW will remain a valuable part of the alumni community."

Feature image via USW Dance