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OMG, BBC Radio 1’s Golden Ticket was found in Bute Park today

The ticket gets you into three major UK festivals

BBC Radio 1 held the country's biggest treasure hunt by placing four golden tickets around the UK for people to find them.

The golden tickets gave a lucky winner free entry in BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend, Glastonbury, and Reading/Leeds Festival.

Each ticket was hidden in a portaloo with an 'out of order' sign on it and the presenters were giving out clues all morning.

One of the clues was that the presenter was near the ticket in a 'park or green space', how didn't we all guess that Huw Stephens was in Bute Park?!

There was a catch though, the person who found the ticket had to know the last three digits of the Radio 1 phone number.

Cardiff Met student Brad Rees reached the ticket first but Brad didn't know the last three digits of the phone number and therefore couldn't win the ticket. Sad reacts for Brad.

However, James Bean was the lucky winner of the golden ticket. James googled the number and went to Huw with the three digits and won.

We spoke to James and he told The Cardiff Tab: "I just chanced Bute Park when they said about the squirrels, then saw the blacked out Volvo completely out of place so guessed the ticket was nearby.

"Then Brad actually found the tickets but unfortunately for him, he didn't know the code to open the box and that's when I got a turn!"

Lesson of the day everyone, memorise the Radio 1 phone number because you'll never know when you might need it.