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Here you have it, the pros and cons of living alone at university

It’s not as boring as you think

You know the saying, you never really know someone until you live with them. So, is choosing to live by yourself worth it at university, or is it not all that it cracks up to be? Here we give you the greats and not-so-greats about living alone.

Your mess, is your mess

Any mess that you make is your responsibility, no-one can say anything or moan to you about your saucepan being left to soak for five days straight.

On the other hand, if you're a domestic goddess, you can live in a Mrs Hinch-like bliss and clean to your hearts content.

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Spot the difference x

You can be boring if you want to be

You want to go to bed at 9pm and watch Netflix rather than getting peer-pressured into spending money in the SU? Then you can!

No loud pres keeping you up and no unwanted house parties that interrupt your facemask and wine night.

Life is BLISS.

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That is a mug of wine, btw x

Wee when you want to wee

Hear us out on this one! The freedom to wee when you want to but also shower when you want to. You do not appreciate this freedom until you have it.

No more moments of sheer annoyance when you hear the shower turn on when you're late for your lecture, hungover and stinking of last night's Sambuca shots. Take as long as you want to wash off last night's regrets without the dreaded knocking on the door rushing you in your very needed shower.

Also, only your products litter the shower floor and no trying to guess the shower gel thief!

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How many of those bottles are empty though?

Passive aggressive group chats? Thing of the past mate

No more arguments over whose dirty plate is going mouldy. No passive aggressive comments on who took the bins out last.

Who came in late last night and spilt kebab everywhere? NOT MY PROBLEM MATE.

Although, it does mean you are CONSTANTLY on bin duty (for that one recycling bin per week that only you fill).

All the cupboard space to fill your culinary needs

The worse thing in the world is going to Lidl and then struggling to fit your huge, unnecessary food shop into a cupboard that's full of tinned goods sent from your parents and pots and pans you never use.

Well guess what? When you live alone you have 5 cupboards all to yourself. Most of the time they're half empty, but that just means more Lidl bakery goods to fill the void.

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Me, myself and my food x

The neediness is REAL

You want to have a quick pint? Better make sure your mates are all online or quick to answer their phones, otherwise you're stuck inside by yourself without the glory of The Taf.

Texting mates 24/7 organising plans makes you feel like a needy af girlfriend.

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I am not ashamed x

Money, money, money

Do not take for granted splitting bills. Everything you pay in a student house is split between all of you, but us lone wolfs are by ourselves on this one.


Don't know what that noise was? Lol, forget sleep for the night

Everything becomes slightly more eery and spooky when living by yourself. One small creak and you freak out. There's no one to share a bed with now.

Am I regretting taking that Hitchcock module now? Just a tad.

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Why does everything look so much scarier in the dark?

So, is it worth it to live on your own in uni?

If you consider yourself to be happy in your own company and willing to be needy af when it comes to friends then sure, go ahead.

But, it really is not for everyone. It's not plain sailing but god, life is bliss without all the pettiness that comes with sharing a house.

And for anyone else out there living alone, YOU GO GLEN COCO!