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Someone has changed the Cardiff Met Wikipedia to call them ‘leeches that ruin Wednesdays’

The beef continues

Someone has changed the Cardiff Metropolitan University Wikipedia page to call the students "leeches that ruin Wednesdays."

The Wikipedia description of the University lists its name and location and then reads: "Its students are leeches that ruin the Wednesdays of their intellectual superiors at the only real uni in Cardiff."

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It comes after Cardiff Uni students have become increasingly frustrated at Cardiff Met and USW students for allegedly causing long queues and disruption at Cardiff Uni's SU YOLO nights on Wednesdays.

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People have taken to Cardiff Confessions to express their anger

If you have any particularly strong opinions on the issue of letting other Welsh university students into the SU on Wednesdays or if you're a Cardiff Met student and you want to defend your honour, DM us on Insta. We want to know what you think.