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Here’s what mumps is and how you can avoid getting it

What even is Mumps?

Following yesterday's breaking news on the outbreak of Mumps in Cardiff based universities, it's only right that we take the time to educate you all on everything we know about Mumps.


So, how do you even know if you have Mumps? How does it feel different from freshers flu? Well, here are the main symptoms to keep an eye out for.

Painful swelling under the face around the ears. The NHS website refers to this as a 'hamster face appearance'. So, if you thought you'd been gaining a few pound since freshers, might be worth popping to your doctors just to check.

Swelling is the main symptom of mumps, but before the swelling usually comes joint pains, headaches and a high temperature.

So, please don't be afraid to tell your mate they look like a hamster, because it could in fact be mumps.

How is it spread?

Unfortunately boys and girls of Cardiff, Mumps is spread through salvia as well as coughs and sneezes. If anyone ended Yolo on Wednesday with your tongue down someones throat, or downing each other's VKs, make sure you keep an eye out for symptoms. It might not be an STI but it's a whole lot worse.

Especially since the NHS website informs us that people are most infectious a few days before the symptoms actually show.

#CardiffConfession5736Cardiff Met has an outbreak of mumps and I foolishly kissed a Met boy last night… odds on me getting the mumps then lads?

Posted by Cardiff Confessions on Wednesday, October 16, 2019

How to prevent Mumps.

Hopefully everyone made sure their MMR jabs were up to date before they came to uni. If not might be worth visiting your GP and getting jabbed in the arm just to be on the safe side.

Other ways of preventing it is your typical sanitary issues you've been told since birth. Regularly washing your hands with soap and disposing of used tissues.

Make sure you avoid kissing and sharing VKs as well, or at least until the outbreak has quietened down.

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Drink responsibly and don't share VKs x

What to do if you think you have Mumps

The NHS website and a statement by Public Health Wales urge anyone who may even have the smallest belief that they have mumps to head to their GP and get it checked over.

The good news is if you do have mumps you cannot attend uni for 5 days, bad news is you look like a hamster.

At the end of the day boys and girls, please make sure you look after yourself, as it's all fun and games until someone gets Mumps. If you have any questions about mumps either check out the NHS page for it or contact your local GP surgery.