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New cycle lane outside SU closed for roadworks just days after opening​

It was nice while it lasted

The brand new cycle lane outside the Students' Union has been closed for works by Welsh Water, just days after it was completed.

A section of the brand new cycle lane has been filled with construction vehicles for the works.

Welsh Water told the Cardiff Tab they expect the works to last for four weeks.

The lane is Cardiff's first separated cycle lane, and is one of five due to be built across the city, aiming to make cycling a "safer, faster and more comfortable experience."

Last week there were reports that people were parking in the cycle lane. Cardiff Council said that enforement against this could not begin until the lane was completed.

A Welsh Water spokesperson said: “Due to an emergency repair required on one of our water mains on Senghenydd Road, Cardiff, we have started essential work this week.

We have worked closely with Cardiff Council to ensure cyclists and pedestrians are able to use the route safely while the work is ongoing, and signs have been put up to warn motorists that cyclists will be using the road.

We appreciate this work may cause disruption to cyclists and motorists and apologise to all affected – and we will work as quickly as possible to complete the work and fully reopen the road.”