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Cardiff Uni awarded £10m investment for new adolescent mental health centre

The competitive grant was awarded to Cardiff

Cardiff Univeristy have been awarded a £10 million grant by the Wolfson Foundation to create a new reserach centre. The Wolfson centre will be dedicated to researching and reducing anxiety and depression in young people.

Cardiff University experts will work with experts across Swansea University, the Welsh Government, NHS Wales, University health boards as well as schools across Wales.

The research will look at how genetic and environmental factors (such as social media) affect mental health in young people. It will also track children over time to better understand how anxiety and depression develops, as well as looking at the reasons behind the increase in mental health issues amongst the young.

Professor Frances Rice of Cardiff University, who will co-direct the research centre, said:

“We know that 75% of young people with an anxiety disorder or depression go unrecognised and receive no intervention. The impact on the young person, their families and their life chances can be devastating.

“That’s why we are delighted, following a rigorous selection process, that the Wolfson Foundation has chosen to make such a substantial investment at Cardiff Univeristy."

The Wolfson Centre's plans include developing the next generation of youth mental health experts with a number of Wolfson PHD students, as well as holding an annual adolescent mental health summer school for training.

The research will examine data about children and adolescents across Wales, look at the role of genetic and enviromental factors, the role schools play, and aim to develop early intervention methods.